Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Custom Software Is Your Competitive Advantage

Entrepreneurs are a passionate group that love what they're doing.   They use  their skills and ideas to start businesses.  Long hours and intense focus can be the norm.

Pressures rising from competitors and the escalating need to "run" the business  potentially pulls entrepreneurs away from their passion of doing the work and implementing their ideas.

You started your business on an idea that is unique.  Managing the business involves unique processes and data management requirements.   Custom software can be provide the data management advantage you need to run your business and provide unique services to your customers.

Contact Blue Canyon Software to create the custom software data system you need to manage repetitive processes, provide insight into your business, and bring innovative interaction to your customers.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Set Cursor To Image From Code Behind

Changing the cursor to something unexpected is not a good idea most of the time because it may confuse your users. However, there may be times when it fits the situation well.

This is how I do it using ASP.NET and C#.   The basic idea is to create a class with the cursor property set to an image and then add that class to a div from code behind.

In this example,  I'm using FormsAuthentication and I want to change the cursor only when "chuck" is logged in.


Create a class definition for chuck like the following.

 .chuck{ cursor: url(../images/littleChuck.png), auto; }

A couple of things to note here:
  • Use a small image. Don't exceed 32px in length or width
  • Use a url path relative to the page using the image, not relative to the css file.
  • Always follow the url() with auto. Just two values --> cursor: url(), auto;

Identify the div to Apply Cursor

You need something to apply the css class to in the code behind. Let's use a div for this example.

Don't forget to use the runat="server" on the div so we can access the div from the code behind.

<div id="wrapper"   runat="server" > 


C# in Code Behind

Add the "chuck" class to the wrapper div if the logged in user name is "chuck".

if(HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name.ToLower() == "chuck" )
       wrapper.Attributes.Add("class", "chuck");


Changing the cursor to image is only one of many values that can be applied.  Check out this link at w3schools to experiment with the 30+ values.

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